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The Wayside Network Ltd company number 4569339 (England and Wales)

Personal and Organisational Development for Internal Auditors, Consultants and Risk Managers

The Wayside Network is a fluid group of consultants with expertise in governance, internal auditing, risk management and consultancy skills and the development of organisations, teams and individuals.

The crucial issue facing executive and non executive directors alike:

"How do you equate the total accountability of the Board for all that the organisation does with the practical impossibility of knowing everything that is being done in the Board's name?"
Sir Stuart Burgess

In a world where trust has been betrayed, where stewardship is suspect, and where litigation has a hair trigger, organisations need to find a new assurance based on ethical values, a balance between performance and sustainability, where responsible risk taking can earn its reward and respect is granted to honest endeavour.

Such a vision calls for outstanding competence in those who support the Board members.

The Wayside Network can help your organisation:

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